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First Week is Flying by...

Just 5 short days since unveiling our web page, and already several really great bookings and a couple of events in the works. I have to say we have some very exciting things happening at the Lodge, which will be announced next week....

Take advantage of the two coupon offerings for our grand opening. If you have not seen them, I'm posting them in the blog.

It's raining crazy here and we are experiencing the high tides and huge breakers as all the Oregon coast is, but the Lodge is not experiencing any issues. Its still perfect out for storm watching, or some great time connecting.

Barnacle Bistro, a local restaurant, is partnering with us to offer catering for groups, and specializes in seafood, and hip healthy alternatives such as gluten free and vegan. We're so excited! Plus, when you stay at the lodge, you automatically get a discount when you visit the Bistro.

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